Value vs Price

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How many homes do you think a buyer in Northwest Arkansas will look at before they find the one they buy?

On average, it’s 10-12.  And when they’re comparing these homes, what do you think they’re comparing?

Of course, the size, location, the age, the features of the house, and they’re absolutely comparing price.

So the reality is that in order for your home to sell, your home must be better than 10 to 12 competing Northwest Arkansas homes, it must be cheaper than 10-12 other homes, OR it must have a perceived value that is higher than other homes.

That’s the point of our Pricing, Presentation, and Promotion Strategy.  The Promotion with magazine quality photos and HD video raises the perceived value before they even show up to the house, The Presentation fulfills their expectations, and the Pricing not only gets them in the door, but also solidifies the deal.

Here’s the deal, do people pay what they think something is worth?  No, they always pay less than what they think it’s worth.  Whether it’s a house, a car, or a toothbrush, the buyer has to want the thing more than they want the money.  When value exceeds price, people buy.  When price exceeds value, they walk away.

In order for a deal to go through, the buyer must overvalue the property, and the seller must undervalue the property.  The sale price must fall somewhere within that “Perceived Value” gap or there can be no deal.

Now, buyers already know that sellers undervalue the property, otherwise they wouldn’t have it for sale.  They obviously don’t want it anymore!  Nobody lists a house for sale for the fun of it.  Nobody enjoys keeping the house immaculate, getting kicked out of their house for Open Houses, having strangers traipsing through the house looking at all their things.  So buyers know you no longer want the property, or you wouldn’t be going through all the trouble.

So, it’s important that we build as much value in the minds of buyers as possible.  We want them to see the house and think, “Can I really get this amazing house for only that price? Man, that’s a great deal!”

So this is the importance of supporting our extra percentage above market with Premium Promotion online and Premium Presentation in person for your Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, or Rogers Home.

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