The 3 P’s of Home Sales

When it comes to selling a home, most sellers want two things: a Great Price that protects their equity and a Fast Closing so they can move on with their lives.  In order to ensure these two goals, we need to consider a few core principles I like to call “The Three P’s of Home Sales:” Price, Presentation, and Promotion.

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The first and most important piece of the sales puzzle is Pricing it Right.  Buyers search for homes by price first, and all other criteria second.  Pricing is critical, so having a professional who is knowledgeable about current market trends is absolutely vital.

The strategy of “Testing the Market” by pricing high and then coming down later may actually be dangerous for your equity, not to mention it hurts your ability to close quickly.  When buyers see a property dropping in price week after week, they begin to think you’ll keep dropping, even past market value.  This strategy often results in low offers, and limited ability to negotiate a higher marketable price.

Homes that sell, usually sell for 97-96% of the listing price here in Northwest Arkansas.  However, this doesn’t mean we can just list it at any price we want and expect to receive 97% of that price.  Notice the most important part of that statistic, “homes that sell…”  Not every home will sell, and overpricing is one of the main reasons.

If we deconstruct that statistic we can determine at what price we should list your house.  So let’s change it to this: Homes that sell, LIST for only 3-4% above MARKET PRICE.  Listing in this range will dramatically improve your chances of selling quickly while saving as much equity as possible.

So they key is finding the market price, based on past sales.  This is why having a great listing agent is so crucial to your success as a home seller.  If you’d like a free Market Analysis, contact me today!


Homes for sale must show well to potential buyers, and must be easy to show in order to get the most buyer attention.  I’ve partnered with local professional home stagers to help organize your home and get it showcase ready.

Staging your home for sale helps ensure your equity and supports your pricing.  An immaculate dwelling is hard for buyers to throw lowball offers at.

Everything from de-cluttering, de-personalizing, organizing, and cleaning all the way to repainting, repairing, and renting furniture & decorations can be considered “Staging.”  We’ll work together to identify the best strategy for your home to make sure it shows the best for the budget you have.

We’ll also put together a showing schedule for other agents to be able to show your house as well as an open house schedule to get maximum neighborhood involvement.


I’ve had years of experience as a professional photographer and videographer.  When your home goes out across the MLS, Trulia, Zillow,, and more, it needs to be represented in the best possible light.

There’s no second chance at a first impression.  The purpose of great photography and video is to get buyers’ attention and make them want to see your house in person.  All my listings get Magazine Quality Photos as well as a Full HD Video.

My photography isn’t a quick walk around with an iPhone, like some agents.  I bring in top of the line Canon cameras and multiple lighting options.  In fact, we’ll have a full “Picture Day” to capture all the still photos and video content.  Your home will be shot from multiple angles and we will feature all the amenities that will make buyers fall in love with the house.

Cheesy slideshows of bad pictures set to music are a thing of the past.  Buyers are now utilizing video to get a feel for your house, and it often serves to make them feel that the in-person visit is like a second showing, increasing their connection to the space.  That’s why every home I represent gets its own video on YouTube, the world’s 2nd largest search engine, second only to its parent company, Google, which ranks YouTube content very highly.

Again, all this extra effort results in a protection of equity and a speedy sale.  Your home will get the Premium Treatment so that you can sell it for a premium on the open market.


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