How to Stage My House

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When selling your home, the goal is to get buyers to see it as their home.  That means making it a beautiful blank slate they can see themselves adding their own touches to.  If you’ve got too much of your own style or personal belongings, you will influence their vision of the property, possibly for the negative.  This is where staging your house comes in!


The first step in any exercise in staging is to De-Clutter.  Move all the stuff clogging up your corners and walkways.  Be prepared to box up smaller items and stack bigger items in the garage or a storage unit.  You want each room to be left with the bare minimum contents necessary to define the purpose of the room.  You’ll probably need to remove 90% of your stuff.

Personal Items

This brings us to Personal Items.  The family photos need to be put away at this point.  It clouds the buyer’s ability to see “their” family in the space when they have the constant reminder of being surrounded by images of your family.  Religious and political items should also be removed.  Those two conversationally “off-limits topics” should also be negated in the space to avoid any discomfort to potential buyers.

Deep Clean

Your space should be spotless!  Dust out the cobwebs in the corners, deep clean the carpets (or just replace them), clean the walls, scrub all the grime from the bathroom counters and shower walls.  You want the home to look like a model home: clean and inviting.

Rearrange & Paint

Rearranging furniture or replacing it with more modern, minimalist furniture (which takes up less space) can make your space appear larger and more inviting.  If you’ve got a small budget and some time, painting the front door, covering old wallpaper or paneling, staining floors and cabinets, and recoloring tile can all add considerable value to your home for minimal investment.

Add Accent Items

Adding tasteful tabletop decorations, artistic wall mirrors, and floor lamps can transform a space and create a sense of class.  When arranging tabletop items, keep them to groupings of 3.

Add Curb Appeal

Pressure washing exterior walls, sidewalks, and driveways can take years off your property’s looks.  Spending a few bucks on mulch and paving stones can really elevate perceptions of your landscaping.

All these changes can bump your sale price by as much as 7-10%, so they are incredibly important aspects of getting your home ready to sell.  Staging is a step I don’t want my clients to overlook, so I offer to bring in a professional to help oversee and consult us on the process.  It’s just one more thing that sets our listings apart from the competition.

I offer a free consultation to discuss how I can help get your home sold for top dollar, in the quickest amount of time, with the least hassle.  If you’d like to learn more about how I market and sell homes here in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas, just Contact Me here.

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