How to Market Your Home Effectively

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According to the National Association of Realtors, the #1 thing home sellers want in their agent is to “Help the seller market home to potential Buyers.” That means Promotion is the #1 most important job for Realtors to be great at. 92-95% of homebuyers start their search online. What that means to me as an agent is that I’m not just a Real Estate Marketer, but I’m mostly an Internet Marketer. So how will I market your home so that it stands out above the competition?


Well, I started my journey into Real Estate as a real estate photographer, so providing top-notch marketing through images is standard protocol for me. Listings with professional photography get an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.

So, I’ll bring in my top of the line camera gear along with a full lighting package and use the latest professional techniques to produce magazine quality images that show your home in the best light. It won’t be a quick walk around with a cell phone camera. No, we will have a full “Picture Day” after the home has been prepped and staged for us to do all the photos as well as video.


Video is quickly becoming just as important as photography in marketing homes, and your home will receive its own “Mini-Movie” to allow buyers to get the feeling of actually being in the space. It’s almost like having a showing before the showing. Of course we use high-end cameras and advanced shooting and editing techniques to create a dynamic, cinematic HD quality video for your property. Also, recent surveys have shown that listings with video have up to a 400% increase in inquiry rate and can have up to a 6% increase in perceived value. It’s a powerful marketing tool.

Internet Distribution

Alright, so now we have some awesome photo and video content. How do we get it in front of prospective buyers?

Obviously we’re marketing online and the very first place your listing will be entered is the Multiple Listing Service, which will get it in front of around 2,000 real estate agents here in the Northwest Arkansas area. Most likely, our buyer will be working with one of these agents and will be notified if our property fits their criteria.

Now, the MLS also syndicates its data to third party websites, which means it will automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia,,, and others. Then, I will claim the listing on those sites to customize the listing to add more pictures, make sure the video is optimal, extend the description, and make sure our listing is the best it can be on those sites.

It will also have it’s own Featured Listing page right here on my website,, as well as “Coming Soon”, “Just Listed”, and “Open House” updates on my Blog. We then promote the listing and these posts on Social Media. You can expect to see your property heavily promoted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. I strive to create as much video content around your property as I can, because YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, right behind it’s parent company: Google. And since Google owns YouTube, it ranks YouTube videos very highly in its own search results.

Another great advantage of internet marketing is the ability to track our numbers. I will provide you with a weekly traffic report which tracks the number of views across multiple online platforms to see how our listing is performing. This allows us to be responsive to that traffic and make changes to the listing if necessary.

In Person- Community Involvement

Not only do we market online, but there is also an in-person, community driven element that needs to come into play. Of course we have a sign in the yard and people can call or text and we’ll get their information that way.

But we also get the neighborhood involved in helping sell your house with our MEGA Open House strategy. This isn’t your typical Open House where we put out 4-5 signs for 2 hours and 2 or 3 people wander through. No, we start a week in advance by shooting a video inviting people out and advertising that video on Facebook. We geo-target that ad for maximum effectiveness around the target neighborhood.

Then we put out flyers, knock-doors, or call the surrounding neighbors to invite them out and simply ask “Do you know anybody looking to move to the area? Any friends or family who you’d like to get closer to you?” That alone could help us find a buyer for the property.

Then on the day of the MEGA Open House, we put out about 50 signs directing traffic to our property. The entire neighborhood will know about your house for sale. We typically get about 20-40 people coming through these events, all of which are looking for a house!

These are the tactics that we use to get top of market in the shortest amount of time. This is how we widen that value perception gap, which can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket and weeks added to your calendar.

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