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Do you have a Property that’s ready to hit the Northwest Arkansas Real Estate Market?  Let’s get it Sold right here.

Listing Secret: The Three P’s of Home Sales

Find out the Master Plan for getting your home sold for Top Dollar in a Short amount of Time.

The Real Estate Agent’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’…

Did you know…many real estate agents list homes at a price where the property will NOT SELL?!

Listing Secret: How to Get Top Dollar (the 3% Rule)

What’s the plan to make sure you’re getting Top of Market?  Find out right here.

Listing Secret: Value vs Price

How do Buyers perceive your Home’s Value, and how much will they Pay?

Listing Secret: Seller’s vs Buyer’s Market

 How do Market Forces affect your Bottom Line when listing a Northwest Arkansas Property?

Listing Secret: Gauging Market Response

 What do we do if  the Market just doesn’t respond?  How do we know what a good response is?

Listing Secret: How to Promote the Home Effectively

 What are the best strategies to market a home in the digital age?

The Power of Photography to Sell Your Home

When selling a home in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas, great photographs are your second most important marketing tool, right after competitive pricing

Listing Secret: How to Stage My House

When selling your home, the goal is to get buyers to see it as their home instead of yours. This is where staging your house comes in!