February 2016 – Monthly Market Update

Welcome to another Monthly Market Update!  I hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It turned out to be a good month in Real Estate across Washington and Benton Counties.  In fact, in the Year over Year January numbers, we saw an increase in average sale price of 9%.  We also saw a […]

Listing Secrets: How to Get Top Dollar (the 3% Rule)


So let’s talk about the most important tool in selling your house: Pricing. How do we decide on an initial listing price that will net you top dollar and still be attractive to buyers? There’s a statistic that gets thrown around a lot and I want you to see it.  It is that, on average, […]

Listing Secrets: the 3 P’s of Home Sales


What does it take to get a home sold?  The 3 P’s: Pricing, Presentation, and Promotion.

Is a lockbox safe?


Ever wonder if putting a lockbox on your house is safe? Well, check this out! This guy uses a hammer, a pry bar, a metal grinder and a sledge hammer, and still cant get into this lockbox. There are much easier ways to break into a home, I’m sure. Not to mention that the Supra […]