April 2017 – Monthly Market Update

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I’ve been waiting to put this one out for most of this week, hoping I could shoot the video for you. However, I got sick last weekend, and I lost my voice. Between showing properties and meeting with home sellers looking to list this month, struggling to communicate, my vocal chords have been aching for a break. I’ve been whispering for days now!

So, alas, there will be no video this month. My hoarse, sand-paper throat is too painful to listen to. However, there’s a lot of market activity to discuss.
Our Median and Average Days on Market were as fast in March as they were in the middle of last summer. Which means this summer is probably going to be the fastest moving Real Estate market since 2005 or 2006. Homes are going FAST! The ones that are in great condition are getting multiple offers within the first few days of hitting the market.

The main reason is that we’re still seeing a lot fewer resale homes in the market, about 17% fewer than this time last year. But we did have the seasonal surge of properties hitting the market, with about 31% more hitting the market in March than what hit in February. And more are coming online here in April.

However, we’re still dealing with low supply. There just aren’t enough homes in the market for the number of buyers. In fact, at Fathom Realty, we have buyers who aren’t able to find the properties they’re looking for. They just aren’t available in the market. I’ve been reaching out to homeowners in several neighborhoods this month and seeing if they wouldn’t consider selling to some of our buyers, even without having to list it in the market. The market is that desperate for properties right now.

So, if you have any property that you’ve considered selling, please get in touch with me. We have buyers just sitting and waiting for properties right now. I’ll get it sold for you!

This market is crazy!

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Once again, this has been Colley Bailey with Fathom Realty providing “Your Premium Real Estate Experience.” Thanks.

Click Here to download the full charts, graphs, and data.

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